Secure payment and confidential data


All payment data are encrypted by the best current IT standards, thanks to the SSL certificate. This encryption enables the protection of all data linked to personal information and to means of payment exchanged between your computer and our servers.
In any secured zones in which the URL address of starts with https:// (where the "s" means « secured »), data are crypted and thus protected before their transfer through internet.  
This avoids anyone who could intercept the data flow to decode anything.


We never have access to the details of your means of payment. You only can be charged of the amount of your purchase.
However, in case of an order cancellation or an order return, we are able to reimburse you all or part of the payed amount, through the interface available by our bank. On this interface, your settlement is referenced with your name, the transaction number and the amount of the order only.


We do not store, and we do not ask our bank for storing your means of payment for potential future orders. Settlement that you make for an order will only pay this order. Your bank details cannot be kept and must be entered again by yourself for any future order.
Your personal data (e-mail address, postal address, billing, phone numbers, orders…) strictly remain restricted to our use and of course will never be disclosed. The use of your data is limited to the processing of your orders and to the information related to our website and to our services.

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