Bb Clarinet, German & Austrian 

Vandoren reeds for Bb Clarinet with German system are available in the White Master and Black Master series.

Vandoren German and Austrian Bb Clarinet reeds series

The White Master are designed for German clarinet players. They are available in two versions :
- Traditional version : The original White Master reed.
- New version : an evolution of the White Master reed, designed to suit more specifically the characteristics of the new generation of German mouthpieces (open mouthpieces with long facing).

The Black Master reeds have a wider and thicker cut than the White Master reeds. They are available in two different models :
- Traditional version : This cut, in the tradition of the Viennese school, is designed for very closed Austrian mouthpieces, with a long facing.
- Standard version : Its cut is designed for Austrian mouthpieces. Thanks to its response and tone characteristics, this cut can also suit the Boehm system mouthpieces.

Bb Clarinet, German & Austrian 

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