Baritone Saxophone reeds 

Baritone Saxophone Vandoren reeds are available in Traditional, Java, Java red or ZZ series.

Vandoren Baritone Saxophone reeds series :

Traditional : Feature the thinnest tip with the thickest heart, resulting in crisp articulation with a full, dark sound.
Java : JAVA reeds are more flexible than Traditionals and V16s and vibrate on a long palette, creating a bright sound with immediate response.
Java Red : A relative of the JAVA reed family, the JAVA “Filed - Red Cut” is the first file cut Vandoren reed for jazz and popular music. It also benefits from a completely new design.
ZZ : ZZ reeds combine the medium-thick heart, spine, and rounded tip of the V16 with the flexible palette design of the JAVA, giving the player a rich, colorful sound with quick response.

Baritone Saxophone reeds 

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