Terms & Conditions
Valid from July 4, 2014.

www.mouthpiecesandreeds.com is a website of VPROSHOP company whose business is the sale of musical instruments and music accessories offering a mail service of the above products online through its website : www.mouthpiecesandreeds.com

The terms and conditions described below are intended to govern all contractual relationships to the exclusion of all other conditions, among:

* The VPROSHOP society, SAS with a capital of 250 000 Euros, Registered in Saintes under 788-927-895 number, VAT number: FR90788927895 and whose office is 32 route de la grange BREUILLET 17920;

* And customers wishing to use the service set up by the VPROSHOP company on the Internet to make purchases online.

Customers and VPROSHOP company adhere unconditionally.

Customers declare to have read the following provisions before ordering products, and in particular by expressly accepting these terms and conditions by a click of acceptance for this purpose for each order.

By choosing to buy the products, the customer expressly and irrevocably accepts the terms set forth below.

The regulations applicable to the sale is that of distance selling in force in France to date, the company reminds VPROSHOP following the customer key terms.

Photos and descriptions of the products featured on the website www.mouthpiecesandreeds.com have no contractual value.

Finally, the services offered by the company VPROSHOP are reserved for people legally capable of entering into contracts under French law.

So the client claims to have the ability to enter into this contract, that is to say, of legal age, and not be under guardianship or trusteeship, or under judicial protection.

1 / The command

1.1 / Saving the command:

The client, after choosing the product or products they wish to order on the website www.mouthpiecesandreeds.com is required to identify by for this purpose electronic form.
Upon validation of the order by the customer, the company confirms VPROSHOP email registration of the order.
A control number is assigned to the client.
The only discount that number does not constitute acceptance of the order, which is not actually confirmed until actual payment thereof, and subject to the availability of the product, the customer is informed in accordance with Article 4 of these terms and conditions.

1.2 / Order Confirmation:

The order placed with the company VPROSHOP becomes final only after the effective payment of the order by the customer involved by any means of payment under these terms and conditions of sale.
Otherwise, the command is considered zero, the VPROSHOP society when sending an e-mail to that effect to the customer.
Upon receipt of the effective payment of the order, the VPROSHOP company then sends a new e-mail client to definitively confirm the order, and proceeds to the shipment of products ordered.
VPROSHOP The company reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous order.

2 / Prices

2.1 / Product Price ordered

Prices VPROSHOP company's products are indicated in euros all taxes included, excluding the processing and shipping of the order cost.
VPROSHOP The company reserves the right to change product prices at any time, but products will be billed based on rates in effect at the time of order entry.
Any change in VAT will be automatically reflected in the price of products.

2.2 / Shipping

Standard shipping fees ar 1€ by order, for all orders. Other delivery options can be offered.
VPROSHOP The company reserves the choice of carrier, depending on the type and weight of the products ordered.

3 / Products

The characteristics of the products offered for sale and photographs associated with it are not within the contract.
Responsibility for VPROSHOP society can not be committed if errors were introduced.

4 / Product Availability

The products sold by the company VPROSHOP, and manufactured by a third party vendor are offered for sale, subject to availability at that supplier.
VPROSHOP The company is committed to inform the customer by email within 5 days after the registration of the order of any difficulties related to the unavailability of a product.

5 / Payment and Billing

5.1 / Payment

The settlement of orders placed remotely from the VPROSHOP society can intervene directly by credit card (secure payment) by bank transfer to the current account of the VPROSHOP company or bank check.

5.1.1 / Credit card payment via the Internet

All personal and confidential data entered is encrypted using SSL process to protect all data related to personal information and payment methods.
In all the secure areas in which the URL of www.mouthpiecesandreeds.com begins with https: // (where the "s" stands for secure), the information is encrypted and therefore protected before being transferred over the Internet.

Only bank cards with CB, Visa, Eurocard or MasterCard issued in France or within the framework of international networks approved by the GIE Credit Cards are accepted. Security is enhanced thanks to the use of visual cryptogram.

The order validated by the customer on the website will only be effective when the central network of bank cards has given its approval. In case of refusal of it, VPROSHOP reserves the right to cancel the order and stop sending the package.
The data for the bank card are only retained during order processing time.
The customer's account is debited for the amount of products and transport costs on the date of sending the goods

5.1.2 / Payment by Bank Transfer

To pay by bank transfer, you can just select "transfer" in our order form.
Upon receipt of the confirmation e-mail of the order, the customer should contact the company VPROSHOP a transfer of the amount of the order (participation in shipping included), accompanied by the mandatory No. of the order concerned for us to identify it.

IMPORTANT: in case of payment by transfer, the processing time will be longer. The processing of your order will start to receive your transfer.

5.1.3 / Payment by check or postal order

Upon receipt of the confirmation e-mail of the order, the customer is asked to send a check for the amount of the order (participation in shipping included) payable to the VPROSHOP company by mail at the following address :
Mouthpieces and Reeds - Group VPROSHOP
Payment Service
32, route de la grange
17920 Breuillet

Warning: It is important to include with your check a copy of the email confirmation, or the reference of your order and your email address.
Your check equal to the amount of the commodity and transportation costs, will be cashed on the day of sending the goods.
IMPORTANT: If paying by check, the processing time will be longer. The processing of your order will start upon receipt of your check.

5.2 / Billing

The invoice for the order is attached to the package or shipped to the customer separately.
This invoice serves as warranty, and pursuant to Article 9 of these terms and conditions.

6 / Terms of delivery

6.1 / Place of delivery

The products ordered will be delivered to the address specified by the customer.
The delivery address can be different from the billing address, this should be stated in the for this purpose electronic form.

6.2 / Delivery

VPROSHOP the company uses the French postal services and specialized private carriers for their site "www.mouthpiecesandreeds.com."

The company VPROSHOP clear in the context of e-mail confirming the acceptance of the order, in accordance with Article 1.2 of these terms of sale, delivery of the order, and that purely code.
Delivery times are usual average of 2 to 5 days, and correspond to the order processing time and delivery time of it.
VPROSHOP the company can not be held responsible for the consequences due to a delay in shipping and in the delivery of the order.
Delivery times quoted are excluding weekends and holidays.
The delivery times provided by VPROSHOP society are met, subject to the constraints of the different carriers independent of the will of the VPROSHOP company and any force majeure.
If longer delivery time independent of the will of the VPROSHOP society, the latter to undertake to notify the customer as soon as possible.
In case of exceeding the date of delivery of more than two weeks from the agreed deadline, and if the excess is not due to a case of force majeure, the sales contract may be terminated by sending an e-mail via the contact zone
In the latter case, the sale is considered canceled, unless the shipment is actually made before receipt of the email.
If canceled for exceeding the delivery date, the customer will be refunded the amount of the order within eight days of receipt of the email.

6.3 / Geographical zone of delivery

Deliveries are made only in France. For other delivery areas, first contact our sales prayer service via the contact area by providing the items you wish to order and the destination.

6.4 / delivery of larger items

Some very large items come with specific logistics, ensuring the cost of delivery identical to that specified below.

7 / Shipping Cost

Net rates are on the customer's order summary
Shipping fees are € 3.90 for any order of less than € 50 and are available for any order greater than or equal to 50 euros. The potential amount of postage is indicated before confirming the order made.
VPROSHOP The company reserves the choice of carrier depending on the nature and type of product ordered and delivered.

8 / Conformity of goods

8.1 / In case of delivery per package

Upon receipt of the goods, the customer must carefully check and control the package (s), ie the state of the packaging and the conformity of the product delivered.
Any complaints about defects or non-compliance of the product delivered should be reported by the customer within three working days from the date of receipt of the product by the customer, by sending:
* Or email via the contact area
* Either a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the VPROSHOP society.

If no complaint is made within the said period, the products will be deemed compliant and accepted by the customer.

8.2 / In case of delivery by a carrier (large items)

In case of delivery by a carrier, the customer is required to verify the contents of the package in the presence of the delivery person, and before signing the delivery note.
If the delivered goods were damaged during transport and are damaged (breakage, shock, deformation ...) or do not conform to the specifications listed on the order form (color error, product ...), the package will be refused legibly knew the reason refusal on the delivery note.
The package (s) is (are) then returned (s) to the VPROSHOP society and a new free product delivery will occur within 20 days, subject to the availability of (these) product (s).
For missing quantities, it will be necessary to complete the delivery slip, legibly reserves precise and detailed.
It is then necessary to confirm the missing products via e-mail through the contact zone, recalling the details of your order.
If no such reservations about the delivery, the goods shall be deemed delivered consistent, subject to the provisions relating to legal and contractual guarantees.

8.3 / General provisions in the event of product return

No products can be exchanged before not been returned and received by the VPROSHOP society, in good condition, as delivered by the care of the VPROSHOP society.
In particular, the product must not have been used.

9 / Product Warranty and After Sales

9.1 / Product warranty

Product warranty runs from the effective date of delivery of the order.
If put into play the legal guarantee, it is recalled that the client must act in a short time after the discovery of the hidden defect (Article 1648 of the Civil Code).
So in case of manufacturing defect in the product rendering it unfit for use, the client can contact the customer service of the company VPROSHOP:
* Or by email via the contact area
* Either by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

If this is the case, the customer will, to play this guarantee, redirect, at its expense, the product to VPROSHOP society, taking care to attach the original invoice.
It is specified that the expenses incurred by the customer for this purpose shall be reimbursed by the VPROSHOP society.
VPROSHOP the company undertakes to send to its cost, the customer, a product in good condition by exchange satandard.
If out of stock, it will be offered to the customer, or a similar product or refund of the original product, the costs then being supported by VPROSHOP society.

9.2 / After-sales service and customer relations

For more information, customers can contact the company VPROSHOP email via the contact area or by mail to VPROSHOP.

10 / Withdrawal period

The withdrawal period granted to the customer on the purchase of goods, under the law, is seven clear days from the date of delivery of the order. During this period, the customer may return at its expense and without penalties or the products do not suit him, necessarily joining the bill and after having had the agreement of commercial service requested by e-mail via the contact area.
The product (s) (s) will (have) to be in his (their) original packaging, accompanied (s) of all accessories and instructions and be in perfect condition. The customer can choose between a refund of amounts paid in exchange for the return of the product and the exchange of the ordered products.
For obvious reasons of hygiene, reeds and mouthpieces unpacked and signs of use may be resumed. For return of these products is accepted, packaging must in no case be opened. Any product showing traces unpacking or use may be resumed.

11 / Use of personal data collected - Respect for privacy:

Data reported by customers and website visitors and are subject to a data processing by VPROSHOP society, and that pursuant to Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on computers, files and freedoms.
They are used confidentially and internally to the processing of requests or commands.
They are intended exclusively for VPROSHOP company and its contractors for the execution of contracts and will under no circumstances be disclosed to third parties.
VPROSHOP the company is authorized to direct any information about its products and services and to transmit its commercial offers via email.
At any time, customers can request not to receive proposals by email by sending an email via the contact area
The law "and Freedoms" of January 6, 1978 allows the customer to have a right of access and correction of personal data provided to process orders.
You can also view or edit your personal information by going to "My Account".

12 / Retention of title:

It is agreed that the goods delivered and invoiced to the customer remain the property of the company VPROSHOP until full payment of their price in principal and interest.
The mere submission of a payment does not constitute a payment.
The above provisions shall not prevent the transfer to the customer risk of loss or damage related to the transportation of purchased products.
Without the full payment, the VPROSHOP company will be entitled to demand the return of the equipment delivered.
Costs which might be incurred for such return will be at the customer.

13 / Disclaimer:

VPROSHOP the company is liable for any breach of its obligations under these terms and conditions with because of facts outside its control and / or resulting from a case of force majeure recognized by the Courts and French courts, such as but not limited to, natural disaster, fire, internal or external strike, failure or internal or external failures, and generally any event not allowing the good execution of orders.

14 / Law and jurisdiction:

All the provisions of these terms and conditions are governed by French law.

Failing an amicable agreement between the parties, any dispute that may arise between them concerning the formation, execution or interpretation of these terms and conditions will be the sole jurisdiction of the courts of Breuillet, even in cases of multiple defendants or guarantee call.

Made July 4, 2014.

Copyright VPROSHOP.

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