Secure payment and confidential data


All entered payment data is encrypted in the best current IT standards by SSL to protect all data related to personal information and the means of payment exchanged between your computer and our servers.

In all secured areas where the URL starts with https: // (where the "s" stands for secure), the information is encrypted and therefore protected before being transferred over the Internet. This prevents anyone who intercepterai the data stream to decode anything.


For even more security, we are not aware at any time details of your payment. We have only the option of partially or fully reimburse the transaction in the event of cancellation or return via the interface provided by our bank. On this interface is only referenced your transaction with your name, identifying the transaction and amount of the order.


We do not store and do not ask for our bank to store, your payment method for other commands. The payment you make will only be used to pay the current order and can never be re-used later.

All your personal data (email addresses, mailing, billing, telephones, orders ...) are strictly for our use and are not passed on to other companies. The use of your information is limited to the processing of orders and information about our site and service.

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